My artwork has been published in Anatomy Rocks - 30 Deluxe Postcards, along with the other talented artists' fantastic work! They are beautifully printed large postcards by 10 international artists (including Mark Ryden!), with a fancy hard cover box! You can get it on Amazon, or book stores worldwide!
美しい解剖アートのポストカードセットに私の解剖乙女3作品も入れて頂きました!通常サイズの2倍の大きさで、箱もカードも贅沢な作りになっています。10人のアーティスト(マークライデンも!) x3枚づつで計30枚セット。
Amazon JP他で絶賛発売中!
Include three Anatomical Females postcards!
The postcard sets are available for purchase on Amazon and at other book stores worldwide.
There is also a beautiful anatomy art book which my artwork included!
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