Selected Group/Solo Exhibitions
"Hiné Mizushima Solo Exhibition" in Tokyo, Japan (September)
"Petits Fours" in Osaka, Japan (December)
"Botanical Art" in Tokyo, Japan (September)
"Mermaid's Treasures" in Osaka, Japan (June)
"Petits Fours" (by invitation only) @ranbu, Osaka, Japan (Dec 07 - 11)
"The Kingdom of Specimens 2022" @ranbu, Osaka, Japan (Apr 27 - May 15)​​​​​​​
"A Little Art Museum" @ranbu, Osaka, Japan (Oct 13 - 24))
"Hiné Mizushima Solo Exhibition" @Boris Zakkaten  Tokyo, Japan (Jun 03 - Aug 01)

"The Brooch Exhibition" @Boris Zakkaten, Tokyo, Japan (Aug 08 - Sep 15)
"The Sea Exhibition" @Boris Zakkaten, Tokyo, Japan (Jul 23 - Sep 15)
"The Kingdom of Specimens 2020" @ranbu, Osaka, Japan (May 07 - 31)​​​​​​​
Equimonia 2019 @Kobe Sanbo Hall, Kobe, Japan (Nov 30 & Dec 1)
Hiné Mizushima Solo Show @Boris Zakkaten, Tokyo, Japan (Oct 10 - Nov 12)
"Anatomy" @Boris Zakkaten, Tokyo, Japan (May 16 - June 18)
"The Kingdom of Specimens 2019" @ranbu, Osaka, Japan (April 17 - May 06)
"Insects" @Boris Zakkaten, Tokyo, Japan (Mar 14 - Apr 16)
"The Opening" @Boris Zakkaten, Tokyo, Japan (January 8)

"The Kingdom of Specimens 2018" @ranbu 2F Gallery, Osaka, Japan (June 20 - July 09)

"Gift Wrapped 2017" @The Clutter Gallery, New York, USA (Dec 9 -)
"Seikatsu no Tanoshimi ten" (ほぼ日 生活のたのしみ展) @Roppongi Hills Arena, Tokyo (Nov 15 - 19)
"Stitched 2" @The Clutter Gallery, New York, USA (May - June)
"The Kingdom of Specimens" @ranbu 2F Gallery, Osaka, Japan (June 28 - July 17)

"Playful" @The City Library Gallery, Melbourne, Australia (April)
"The Royal Aquarium Souvenir Shop" Solo Show @ranbu 2F Gallery, Osaka, Japan (April-May)
"Summer Game" Art Installation in Ann Arbor District Library event, Ann Arbor, USA (July - August)
"FLORA at Land" @Land, Portland, USA (August-October)
"LAIKA 10 Years Anniversary Exhibition" @Gallery Nucleus, Los Angeles, USA (October - November)

(all canceled due to health)

"In the Palm of Your Hand" @EMP Collective, Baltimore, MD (January)
"Stitch Fetish 2" @The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (February)
"Supahcute Science Fair" @Leanna Lin's Wonderland, Los Angeles, CA (March)
“Enchanted Forest Part 2” @Hankyu Department Store, Osaka, Japan (April)
"Pictoplasma: CharacterSelfie" @The Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery, Berlin, Germany (May)
"UGLYCON" @Giant Robot, Los Angeles, CA (June)
"The Royal Kingdom of the Sleepy Forest" Solo Show @ranbu, Osaka, Japan (canceled due to health)
"Crazy/Colorful" @The Clutter Gallery, NY (canceled due to health)
"The Dubious Expedition" @Leanna Lin's Wonderland, Los Angeles, CA (canceled due to health)
"Common Threads" @FOE Gallery, Northampton, MA (canceled due to health)
"Custom Holiday Ornaments Show" @iam8bit, Los Angeles, CA (canceled due to health)

"MONSTER Exhibition 2013" @Shibuya Hikarie, Tokyo, Japan (February)
“Stitched” @The Clutter Gallery, NY (April)
"iam8bit Entertainment System" @iam8bit, Los Angeles, CA (June)
"Fuwa Fuwa!" @Q Pop, Los Angeles, CA (July)
"Abeno Zakka Town" @Abeno Harukas Department Store, Osaka, Japan (July)
"Everybody's a Somebody!" (Mr. Men & Little Miss) @iam8bit, Los Angeles, CA (August)
"Tokusatsu 2: Revenge of the Kaiju Japanese Sci Fi Art Show" @Q Pop, Los Angeles, CA (November)

“Enchanted Forest” @ranbu, Osaka, Japan
“The Supahcute Dream Team Show” @Wonderland, Los Angeles, CA
"Physical-Tempo" @Shibuya Parco - Logos Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
“Tokusatsu: Japanese Science Fiction Art Show” @Q Pop, Los Angeles, CA

“The Unnatural History Museum” @gallery hanahou, New York, NY
“SUPER iam8bit show 2011” @iam8bit, Los Angeles, CA
“Kamen Rider vs Super Sentai” @JACCA & Q Pop, Los Angeles, CA
“Luv-able & Hug-able 2011” @gallery hanahou, New York, NY

“Plush You 2010” @Schmancy, Seattle, WA
“Plush You 2010 LA” @Munky King, Los Angeles, CA
“Lost Toys: The Ones That Got Away” @Mercer Gallery, Rochester, NY
“Luv-able & Hug-able 2010” @gallery hanahou, New York, NY
“Lost at Sea” @gallery hanahou, New York, NY

“Plush You 2009” @Schmancy, Seattle, WA
“Kokeshi: From Folk Art to Art Toy” @Japanese American National Museum”, Los Angeles, CA
“Luv-able & Hug-able 2009” @gallery hanahou, New York, NY

“Plush You 2008” @Schmancy, Seattle, WA
“Plush You 2008 SF” @Double Punch, San Francisco, CA

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