Selected Group/Solo Exhibitions
"Hiné Mizushima Solo Exhibition" in Tokyo, Japan (Sep - Oct)
"Petits Fours 2023" @ranbu, Osaka, Japan (Dec 06 - 10)
"Ranbu Pop-Up Shop in Tokyo" @Kuuki, Tokyo, Japan (Sep 16 - 17)
"The World of Plants" @Boris Zakkaten, Tokyo, Japan (Sep 09 - Dec 25)
"Mermaid's Treasure Chest" @ranbu, in Osaka, Japan (Jun 07 - 25)
"Petits Fours" (by invitation only) @ranbu, Osaka, Japan (Dec 07 - 11)
"The Kingdom of Specimens 2022" @ranbu, Osaka, Japan (Apr 27 - May 15)​​​​​​​
"A Little Art Museum" @ranbu, Osaka, Japan (Oct 13 - 24))
"Hiné Mizushima Solo Exhibition" @Boris Zakkaten  Tokyo, Japan (Jun 03 - Aug 01)

"The Brooch Exhibition" @Boris Zakkaten, Tokyo, Japan (Aug 08 - Sep 15)
"The Sea Exhibition" @Boris Zakkaten, Tokyo, Japan (Jul 23 - Sep 15)
"The Kingdom of Specimens 2020" @ranbu, Osaka, Japan (May 07 - 31)​​​​​​​
Equimonia 2019 @Kobe Sanbo Hall, Kobe, Japan (Nov 30 & Dec 1)
Hiné Mizushima Solo Show @Boris Zakkaten, Tokyo, Japan (Oct 10 - Nov 12)
"Anatomy" @Boris Zakkaten, Tokyo, Japan (May 16 - June 18)
"The Kingdom of Specimens 2019" @ranbu, Osaka, Japan (April 17 - May 06)
"Insects" @Boris Zakkaten, Tokyo, Japan (Mar 14 - Apr 16)
"The Opening" @Boris Zakkaten, Tokyo, Japan (January 8)

"The Kingdom of Specimens 2018" @ranbu 2F Gallery, Osaka, Japan (June 20 - July 09)

"Gift Wrapped 2017" @The Clutter Gallery, New York, USA (Dec 9 -)
"Seikatsu no Tanoshimi ten" (ほぼ日 生活のたのしみ展) @Roppongi Hills Arena, Tokyo (Nov 15 - 19)
"Stitched 2" @The Clutter Gallery, New York, USA (May - June)
"The Kingdom of Specimens" @ranbu 2F Gallery, Osaka, Japan (June 28 - July 17)

"Playful" @The City Library Gallery, Melbourne, Australia (April)
"The Royal Aquarium Souvenir Shop" Solo Show @ranbu 2F Gallery, Osaka, Japan (April-May)
"Summer Game" Art Installation in Ann Arbor District Library event, Ann Arbor, USA (July - August)
"FLORA at Land" @Land, Portland, USA (August-October)
"LAIKA 10 Years Anniversary Exhibition" @Gallery Nucleus, Los Angeles, USA (October - November)

(all canceled due to health)

"In the Palm of Your Hand" @EMP Collective, Baltimore, MD (January)
"Stitch Fetish 2" @The Hive Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (February)
"Supahcute Science Fair" @Leanna Lin's Wonderland, Los Angeles, CA (March)
“Enchanted Forest Part 2” @Hankyu Department Store, Osaka, Japan (April)
"Pictoplasma: CharacterSelfie" @The Pictoplasma Portrait Gallery, Berlin, Germany (May)
"UGLYCON" @Giant Robot, Los Angeles, CA (June)
"The Royal Kingdom of the Sleepy Forest" Solo Show @ranbu, Osaka, Japan (canceled due to health)
"Crazy/Colorful" @The Clutter Gallery, NY (canceled due to health)
"The Dubious Expedition" @Leanna Lin's Wonderland, Los Angeles, CA (canceled due to health)
"Common Threads" @FOE Gallery, Northampton, MA (canceled due to health)
"Custom Holiday Ornaments Show" @iam8bit, Los Angeles, CA (canceled due to health)

"MONSTER Exhibition 2013" @Shibuya Hikarie, Tokyo, Japan (February)
“Stitched” @The Clutter Gallery, NY (April)
"iam8bit Entertainment System" @iam8bit, Los Angeles, CA (June)
"Fuwa Fuwa!" @Q Pop, Los Angeles, CA (July)
"Abeno Zakka Town" @Abeno Harukas Department Store, Osaka, Japan (July)
"Everybody's a Somebody!" (Mr. Men & Little Miss) @iam8bit, Los Angeles, CA (August)
"Tokusatsu 2: Revenge of the Kaiju Japanese Sci Fi Art Show" @Q Pop, Los Angeles, CA (November)

“Enchanted Forest” @ranbu, Osaka, Japan
“The Supahcute Dream Team Show” @Wonderland, Los Angeles, CA
"Physical-Tempo" @Shibuya Parco - Logos Gallery, Tokyo, Japan
“Tokusatsu: Japanese Science Fiction Art Show” @Q Pop, Los Angeles, CA

“The Unnatural History Museum” @gallery hanahou, New York, NY
“SUPER iam8bit show 2011” @iam8bit, Los Angeles, CA
“Kamen Rider vs Super Sentai” @JACCA & Q Pop, Los Angeles, CA
“Luv-able & Hug-able 2011” @gallery hanahou, New York, NY

“Plush You 2010” @Schmancy, Seattle, WA
“Plush You 2010 LA” @Munky King, Los Angeles, CA
“Lost Toys: The Ones That Got Away” @Mercer Gallery, Rochester, NY
“Luv-able & Hug-able 2010” @gallery hanahou, New York, NY
“Lost at Sea” @gallery hanahou, New York, NY

“Plush You 2009” @Schmancy, Seattle, WA
“Kokeshi: From Folk Art to Art Toy” @Japanese American National Museum”, Los Angeles, CA
“Luv-able & Hug-able 2009” @gallery hanahou, New York, NY

“Plush You 2008” @Schmancy, Seattle, WA
“Plush You 2008 SF” @Double Punch, San Francisco, CA

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