I worked on three miniature collages for the New York Times web campaign for Canadian readers.
There are three designs: Nature & Environment, Politics & Economy, and Art & Culture theme.
The campaign appears on the NY Times website banners, emails, and social networks (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook).  AD: Nuno Silva (NYT)
世界で最も有名な新聞 New York Timesのカナダの購読者向けウェブキャンペーンのお仕事をさせて頂きました。
この広告は、New York Timesウェブサイトのバナーや、Eメール、SNS (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook) にランダムに現れます。
Nature & Environment
Art & Culture
Politics & Economy
New York Times Website Banner
Instagram Ad on My iPad
Instagram Ad
I made the book cover, but the dinosaur was a bone puzzle for kids party goody bags. I love it!

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