Sticker + Mycélium = Stickélium
     This simple equation produced an invisible mycelium made of artists, bookmakers and art lovers (you!), which is as incredibly diverse as the mycological inspiration, these stickers being the mushrooms of this metaphorical mycelium, growing and popping to the light for your delight.
      The mushroom kingdom feeds on death (or turn ants into literal zombies) and yet sustains life like no other - mycorrhiza, the underground symbiosis between the mycelium and the plants, enables trees to exchange nutrients and information, like an Internet of Nature. It reproduces itself through any conceivable means, from asexual cloning to a record of 30.000 different sexes in one species. Its universally intriguing cultural presence, from fairy tales to the shaman’s starter kit, its incredible promises in biotechnology or its generous gifts of bread & beer to humans (thank you, yeasts!) are some of the elements that inspired the marvelous artists who grew their artworks in these pages.
      12 women & 12 men whose technique, imagination and personal background form the utterly diverse, soulful and absolutely enchanting aesthetic ecosystem I was dreaming of when I started the mushroom artist hunt.

Jæn (art direction/design/concept)
Alexandra Zutto                                                     Ossi Pirkonen
MLN                                                          Edward Neo
Hiné Mizushima                                                                               Jim Stoten
Emmanuelle Le Nouaille                                                                                   Ooong
Moki                                                                          Akinori Oishi
Yoii                                                                                   AngrySnail
Rob Flowers                                                                 Cream Team
Vlad Stankovic                                                                      Zarella Solis
Jæn                                                                                                    The Friendly Fungus
Cosmic Nuggets                                                                        Monika Mitkuté
MUTE                                                                                          Charlotte Couderc
Alex Heywood                                                                   Aafke Mertens
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