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Some designers at Apple who worked on the home-screen of the Apple Watch also purchased! :D
(sorry, no more available for purchase)
Yes, I already got it.
"Bands engineered to keep up with an active lifestyle" with snap fasteners!
There are three snap fasteners, so you can fit it to your wrist (I have small wrists so I use the tightest snap).
With limited series number!
It's much lighter than I expected!
These are not toys for small children. These are for you, grown-ups!
Neon orange! (not pink!)
Number 12!!
New colour! Ivory white!
Moss Green!
Apple Green!
I am rich!
Our new sales associate.
Work-in-progress (very very slowly).
I use high quality Japanese thick felt, with three different sized tiny buttons.
(she looks like a retro Sci-Fi hero)
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